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Long Bread & Loaves

Traditional French baguette or Big Foot Ciabatta. For bread presentation or sandwiches.

French Baguette 1/36
(PD:B D)

Traditional French Baguette, crusty, hand rolled, baked over stone. Perfect for your bread presentation, your Sandwiches, bruschetta.
Fresh from the oven for Breakfast.
Only requires 4 min at 400 and 3 minutes to rest. You are only 7 minutes from having a perfect baguette freshly baked.

Count per case : 36

Long Cibatta (Big Foot) 20/17.6 OZ.

Very long ciabatta. Perfect for sandwiches.
You can get 4, 5 oz sandwiches.
Great for deli buffets. Slice it in the long side, fill it up, then slice it in 10 perfect triangles.

Count per case : 20

On sale

Semolina Stirato 22' 1/8

Italian style semolina bread coated with cornmeal dusting.
6" by 22" by 1.5" high.
Perfect for creative sandwich shapes.

Count per case : 8