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Hot Breakfast

Individuals for plated breakfast and Room Service of Banquet size. We have the product, the size and the price point for your menu.

Cinnamon Blintz Rolled with a Sweetened Cheese - 4" 1/50

A traditional blintz: this 4" sized treat is rolled with sweet cream cheese, brown sugar, and cinnamon.

Count per case : 50

Ham & Cheese Croissant Large (3.0oz) 1/45

The traditional French "ham and Cheese" customized in a croissant dough. Classical and delicious.

Count per case : 45

Spinach & Ricotta Croissant Large (3.0oz) 1/45

Spinach makes it fresh, ricotta makes it gourmand. In a word a perfect vegie, sophisticated and healthy snack.

Count per case : 45