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On a Pic

On a pic or on a knotted pic

***Thai Chicken On A Sugar Cane Skewer - 1/100*

Thai Chicken on a Sugarcane Skewer.

Ground Chicken mixed with Thai Chilis, Cilantro, Mint, Splash of Coconut Milk, and Spices, Formed around a Sugarcane Skewer.

Lightly fry until golden brown. Preheat oven 400*, bake for 5 minutes, until cooked through.

Serve with Sweet Chili Sauce or Tzatziki (greek cucumber & mint yogurt).

Count per case : 100

Beef Tenderloin with Gorgonzola Wrapped in Bacon 1/100

A batonnet of center-cut tenderloin married with Italian blue-veined gorgonzola and wrapped in apple & hickory noted smoked bacon.

Count per case : 100

Beef Teriyaki Satay 1/100*

Tender beef marinated in teriyaki sauce and skewered with a bamboo pick.

Count per case : 100

Chicken Satays (No Sauce) 1/100

Chicken tender, presented on a bamboo skewer, and lightly marinated with oil, salt & pepper. Chef may add any sauce or other marinade to change the flavor profile.

Count per case : 100

Chicken Tandoori (Skewer) 1/100*

Tender chicken seasoned with yogurt, tandoori paste, cilantro and lime zest, skewered for a nice presentation.

Count per case : 100

Chicken Yakatori - 2 Pcs. Of Chicken Skewered With A Scallion 1/100

Tender chicken thigh meat, slow marinated with Asian spices; soy sauce, garlic and ginger, paired with a scallion and placed on a bamboo paddle skewer.

Count per case : 100

Lobster Lollipop 1/100

Lobster tails on a skewer

Count per case : 100

Marquis Nassau Chicken - Coconut & White Sesame Seeds 1/100

Chicken tender covered with coconut and white sesame seeds, presented on a knotted pick.

Count per case : 100

Mini Vegetable Lasagna 1/100

Strips of hearty Durum wheat lasagna wrapped around layers of creamy ricotta cheese, sautéed spinach and garlic, and our house made marinara sauce; presented on a bamboo paddle skewer.

Count per case : 100

Premium Scallop & Bacon 1/100*

A classic favorite, consisting of a dry 30-count scallop wrapped in our pre-grilled bacon.

Count per case : 100

Roasted Root Vegetables - 1/80

Hand cut baby carrots, parsnip, beet, and sweet potato are lightly brushed with olive oil, then dusted with sea salt and fresh herbs, and presented on a bamboo skewer.

Count per case : 80

Shrimp Casino 1/100

A 21-25 tail off shrimp delightfully wrapped with bacon and a traditional casino mix and skewered on a knotted pick.

Count per case : 100